Older Adults

Fire Safety

  • Stay in the kitchen with your cooking.

  • Never cook or smoke when you are drowsy.

  • Do not smoke with an oxygen tank present.

  • Keep anything that can burn 3 feet away from heating devices.

  • Have working smoke alarms and know your escape plan out of the house. Practice it to see how quickly you can get out of the house.

  • Smoke is the deadliest part of the fire. Know to get down low when leaving the house.

  • Call 911 from outside of the home in the event of a fire and never go back inside once you have left the house.

  • Keep essential items like glasses or walkers near your bed at night.

Safety Tip Sheets

Fire Prevention Safety Cards

Fall Safety

  • Let your doctor know if you have any issues with falling to assist you with a plan of action.

  • Remove tripping hazards and keep exits clear from any clutter.

  • Keep moving and look into exercises which promote good balance.

  • Use assistive devices if necessary and install grab bars and nonslip aids in the bathroom.

  • Make sure you keep living areas well lit.

Safety Tip Sheets

Fall Prevention Safety Cards

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